Maximize your learning and productivity with this Chrome extension


Watch your favorite videos in a popup while browsing the web without losing focus.

The problem

I don't know about you, but whenever I'm working, I like to play some interesting podcast or technology classes and workshops to listen to while not listening to music.

The big problem is that I can't focus on both things at the same time, so 90% of my focus is on the task I'm working on and 10% on the video I'm listening to.

Sometimes, I even get lost in what I'm listening to and focus only on the task, forgetting that there's a video playing.

And then, when I hear something interesting in the video or something I don't know yet and want to learn, I immediately stop the task to go to the video and see what's being explained.

The problem with this is that I always end up losing focus on the task when I choose to go to the video, and sometimes I spend minutes searching for the video among thousands of open tabs.

That's when I thought: what if I did something that could keep the video playing without having to keep the video tab open, while I do my tasks normally, just like YouTube Premium for mobile or Twitch?

So, whenever I heard something interesting, the video would already be there in front of me to watch. Or even while thinking about my task, the video would also be there in front of me to follow.

The solution

I made this extension and tested it for a week to see if it would be useful for me. I spent a week watching JavaScript classes on video.

The result using the extension was that not only did I notice an improvement in learning the subject matter of the video, as the video was always there in front of me, so it didn't become just a lost audio that I forgot was playing (I am a very visual person), but I also completed more tasks than usual, as I didn't have to keep searching and going back to the video tab all the time, searching for the exact minute of the subject I wanted to listen to and losing minutes in the video tab to go back to the task I was doing (and often forgetting where I was in the task).

So I decided to make this extension available to everyone, as it helped me and it can help others too.

I called this extension PinMyVideo, and its appeal is precisely this: "Watch your favorite videos in a popup while browsing the web without losing focus."

Link to the extension:

I hope it is useful for you, as it has been for me, and I am open to hearing criticism and suggestions to make it even better!

Try it out and let me know what you think. If it's useful, leaving a comment there with 5 stars will be very welcome.

See ya!